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Malachite Tour & Travel is a Company that was founded basically with the intent to bring something new in the panorama of the safaris in Uganda.

We are indeed convinced that, though the country and its extraordinary natural beauty speak for themselves, the cultural aspect of living in Uganda (and we do not refer to the traditional dances...), is totally hidden to the majority of visitors. Therefore, our goal is to offer a service that adds cultural value to an already incredible trip.
Come and discover another world or, rather, another way of life in this world...
Your way of thinking will be transformed and enriched by this amazing trip to the Equator

With MALACHITE TOUR & TRAVEL you will discover THE TRUE COLOURS OF UGANDA, the Pearl of Africa!

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Itinerary 5 days:
The Mountains Gorillas and ... read more

Itinerary 6 days:
The wonderful Queen Elizabeth National Park... read more

Itinerary 8 days:
To enjoy the many species of birds... read more

Itinerary 10 days:
Real documentary will allow you to see many animals... read more

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Itinerary 12 days:
The Rhinos of Ziwa and The Top of the Falls...read more

Itinerary 14 days:
Enter the biggest national park: Murchison Falls... read more

Itinerary 19 days:
The tree climbing lions in Ishasha... read more